Whodunnit…Reunion cracked.

This is an entry for the Whodunnit contest from BlogAdda at http://blog.blogadda.com/2010/05/12/a-mystery-fiction-contest-whodunnit  

I know Ajay’s story is a complete one, but I couldn’t resist writing my answer as an ending to the original story. Hope this doesn’t disqualify me from the contest, but if it does that’s ok because I enjoyed writing up the post.My first writing venture about murder and suspense.  

Mystery solved below….  

The last of the party guests left by ten. Police and ambulance left just after midnight. The detectives had taken along some of the articles from the bedroom and put it into plastic bags and neatly labeled them. For further investigations, they had said in their cool and clear voices with an undertone of practiced sympathy.  

Lila sat on her bed sipping a cup of hot tea. It had been a long day and she needed to rest. She propped herself up on the pillow which had been used to suffocate Sia. Her twin sister hadn’t struggled much when Lila had pressed it over her mouth. But in between she had tried to grab at Lila’s wrist and twisted her arm band badly. Lila touched the wrist gently. No bruises, but it hurt a bit. That is why she had to remove the mangled arm band and exchange Sia’s matching band with hers. She smiled to herself. Well this did prove that twins don’t feel each other’s pain. Silly notion! At least Sia and me agreed on that. Lila had also taken care to hide her beloved memorabilia of bullet pendant away from the prying eyes of the police.  

It wasn’t that she had despised Sia anymore but Sia had to go. Of course M, L, R and G would soon follow Sia. Each of these idiots had tried to mess up her life and they would pay dearly. Lila smirked. All her ex-lovers had gone home relieved tonight that Lila was dead. Oh, if only they knew! Over the coming weeks, when sweet and angelic Sia approached each of them for comfort, how could they resist? They would gladly accept her company suspecting nothing. And she would destroy them. But that was for tomorrow. Now she needed to sleep.  

Lila placed the tea-cup away and turned off the bedroom lights. She settled back on the covers, her head resting on the murder weapon and drifted off to sleep.  


Object from Pringoo – http://www.pringoo.com/custom-designs/Snake7-cool~and~awesome~saying~and~design/did-14704/mid-3/ppid-79

Author’s Note : I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


13 thoughts on “Whodunnit…Reunion cracked.

    • I know..but just thought dat d difference was more inward than outward.plus m a lousy detective so ya pretty much explains it 😀

  1. excuse my ignorance of the above subject. is it some soap? throw some light for me, please. your twist to the tale as you claim seems good.

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