Maria Francis

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8 thoughts on “Questions?

  1. I second Jaimy..

    BTW, you have a pretty interesting blog. Did enjoy your last post based on Mothers Day. Will visit later for more..

    It seems that you have just begun, and it’s a great beginning.. and if possible add twitter and facebook button on this blog.. This might greatly help for spreading the word..

    PS: I dont have any idea whether those techniques in the link work or not as I not used But I got them after 15 minutes of searching, read some parts and it seemed legitimate..

    n i do hope i get a reply to my comment:)

    • MF…its totally surreal dat a really famous blogger like u actually tuk the time to reply to my comment n viist my humble blog.n thanks for the vote of interest n the tips. didnt even know all these factors existed in making my blog a better one..LOL.So started fiddling wid one of the tips tday..bit confusing..but must plod on i suppose.
      Waiting for ur next blog.As for me, my son is a bit cranky des days so might b a bit behind on d updation 😦

      • Got some good news for you all.. Please tell my little bhai, to inform his daddy that his favorite blog is back 🙂 It feels great, anyways there are a lot of things in the blogging field.. Social Marketing (twitter) is one of them, though I never implemented due to cranky reason:)

        I will read the next post later.. now gtg.


      • Oye MF..gud to know ur back in d blogosphere.n in gud time cos was jus gng to remove ur blog link from my favourites…hehehe

  2. I love the variety you’ve maintained.Every article is different,talks about a different part of you,your life or something thats got nothing to do with youSo thats a plus.

    I’ve seen your style has evolved, just be sure its not based on anything you just read…’cos when it comes to style there is noone else that can pull anything off with utmost grace..

  3. hey first time here, yet to read your other posts – but this one caught my eye simply because I participated in it too – I do think that the story was not airtight. Check out why on my blog post if you get the time.

  4. The one thing about which I would like to see improvement is the lay out of the page. Try some different themes from wordpress.

    I also want to improve upon the layout and look up of my page n will gonna do it soon.

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