And that’s how the Veggies lost the Battle…..


This post is dedicated to my wonderful family, especially to my darling son Ryan. You make my salads crisper and my desserts sweeter. Happy Mother’s Day to myself!

Dictionary definition of salad – dish of raw leafy green vegetables, often tossed with pieces of other raw or cooked vegetables, fruit, cheese, or other ingredients and served with a dressing.

Family definition of salad – dish of <RAW> (Raw word spoken through an echoing loudspeaker..RAW, RAW, RAW) leafy green vegetables, <often>(you mean always right ?) tossed with pieces of <raw>(how much raw can my poor digestive system take?) or cooked vegetables, <fruit>(much better), <cheese>(ok now you are talking), or <other ingredients> (meat and hard-boiled eggs, right?)and served with a  <dressing> (Yes please. Something thick and creamy. None of that olive oil and salt mixture..bah..that’s hardly enough gloss the lettuce alone)

 Scene 1: Family and me seated at a restaurant. Everybody busy poring through the menu. Everybody skipping the first page with salads and appetizers. I linger, finger tracing the salad section.

Me: Umm…I’ll have the Caesar salad.

Pin drop silence. 3 pairs of eyes fall on me. Baby not counted. He’s more interested in clutching my finger and pushing it inside his tiny mouth.               

Mum   : That’s it?

Dad   : There’s a salad section? Let me wear my glasses. Can’t read anything properly in this menu.(searching for glasses)

Hubby : Don’t worry. We’ll order one of those gigantic sundaes and split one later. You can have the wafer on top.(wink and grin)

Baby  : (Trying to grab at menu and failing)

Scene 2: Food arrives.2 Burgers, 1 Steak, 1 Caesar salad and 3 sympathetic glances at me.

The glances are free with each order of salad.

I gulp and bravely attack my salad. First step, toss out that cute little parsley sprig.Does anybody ever eat that? Then the mixing and tossing. That’s tricky because “grilled succulent chicken strips on a bed of lettuce dribbled with herb vinaigrette” sounded lovely on the menu. But coating all that overdose of lettuce evenly with the dressing and making sure the precious (precious because they are rare to find like gold or diamonds) chicken strips don’t jump out of my plate is a huge task.

Mom : What is this? (prodding with the fork, going through each ingredient in my salad)

1. Cabbage – chuck aside

2. Lettuce – ignores

3. Cherry tomatoes – Ah! cute…but let me see..1..2..3..4 only.(shakes head sadly)

4. Celery – Who even granted this green stalk vegetable status!!??!?

5. Red and yellow peppers – Ok not bad

6. Egg and chicken strips – So little? Have this also…(cuts small pieces of her steak and tries to sprinkle them on my salad)

7. Cranberries and almond slivers – Oh nice(munch,munch)..mmm..nice.

8. Dressing – not even enough to dunk that measly celery stick in. (proceeds to open the ketchup bottle but I am faster)

Me : Please mum. Leave it. It’s fine.

Dad : (mumbling to Mum).Let her be. (whispering to me) You want to order something else?

Baby : Yawwwwnnn…why dont people pay attention to me once the food is here? (in baby language, of course)

Hubby : You sure its tasty?

Me : Yes , very crispy and fresh

Hubby : So are the french fries. Try it.

Mum : Yes, yes..put some on your salad.(grabs a handful of fries and tosses them on my salad)

Me : MOOOMMMMM!!! (the fries are slowly wilting in my soggy, once crisp salad)

Mum : What?(looks at me puzzled)

Me : (takes a deep breath and smiles) Nothing….Happy Mother’s Day!

Baby : (fast asleep)

Scene 3 : And as you can guess, I did give in and have that  gigantic sundae after all 😀

Author’s Note: I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


22 thoughts on “And that’s how the Veggies lost the Battle…..

  1. You subject Ryan to ‘salad’ milk…poor chap! He should be eating burger, steak and sundea milk…btw I am with your family on this one. Salads look better on menu pics than on the actual plate.

    • Hey LG,do remember that I did gobble down the sundae after that to make up for the salad. Plus the whole scenario is purely fictional.I am not much of a salad and greens person anymore 🙂

    • Hello there anonymous.lovely to know you enjoyed my post.and lovelier if you looped into my blog regularly to read my posts.hoping to update regularly this time!

  2. salad reminds me of the term ‘ghaas boos’. i used to savour and relish them on my trips to mauritius. wonderful array and spread of the choicest french salads were served. my friends named me cow, howelse could someone eat something as insipid as salad. i simply love salads, mind you not the typical green salad (wedges or circles of cucumber, carrot, onion, tomato with absolutely no sinful dressing or accompaniment) that is concocted here.

  3. ‘Ghaas boos’was a term I wanted to include in the post, but decided against cos thought better to not Indianise it too much 🙂 But ur rite i used 2 get teased a lot too for munching on salads.

    • Vineeth..i agree..once in a while v must resort to our gluttonous Indian ways !!! 🙂 was checking out ur flickr pics..lovely !! u have a real knack for photography 🙂

  4. Awesome!! Something light and something all people can relate to.. Keep writing.. you have ur readers all ready for more..!!

    • Jaimy,thank u very much!m grinning ear to ear now.To think my FB bff thinks my post is gud…m honoured indeed.

    • Grin Grin Grin…….having writer’s block tday though 😦 n havent got a chance to check out ur new posts either.

  5. It’s so funny.And the Mummy portrayed is just like all mummies..hehe…and dugudu is soooo adorable . The fact he actually has a role in this li’l ‘skit’ gives the whole thing a more family feel.
    Ok I’m really trying point out stuff and give u feed back but what I really waanna say is,this is good stuff and like I’ve always said keep writing.

    • Hey didn’t know u wre a fellow wordpresser too…jus on to reading ur trapeze artist story nw 🙂

  6. jus logged into ur blog after ages..
    was worth the wait..:)
    was laughing my way through this! Keep writing darling..n a Big cuddle for cutie pie Ryan!

    • Thank u for d hug tanuiieeeeee.passed it onto Ryan n he has reciprocated wid a big sloppy kiss n a gurgle 🙂 thrilled dat u enjoyed d post.dunno y i bother wid my job when actually what i want to do is write…hehehe

  7. Goes on the front foot, leans into the drive and eases that into the gap right in between mid off and cover…crisp and clean…the ball races away to the boundary…wonderful to watch…!!!
    The post was as good as watching Sachin drive one through the covers…BLIMEY!!!!
    Try the smoked chicken and apple salad the next time…It’s a heavenly feeling tossing the apple drenched in the dressing into your mouth and stuffing a chicken piece(i have always marveled at their ability to cut it so thin that one wonders if they employ people who’ve worked in LAYS factory previously for this purpose) before you start munching…
    Feels good to watch you write with such enthu…I’ve always believed that what you miss on the swings, you gain at the roundabouts… Keep writing girl…

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