The Eternal Job-Seeker


Yes, I have done it again. I have managed to work myself into a rut. Yet another jobless phase beginning very soon.

Ok, I know I am not alone in the frantic job-hunt all round the world. And yes, I know there is a lot more worthy people out there looking out for jobs. So if any of you have any plans to tell me any of the below pep-talk verses, don’t bother :

1.) “Don’t worry, you will get a job soon. Just keep looking…” .Really?? Wow why didn’t I think of that? Get real people. Nobody, I repeat nobody wants to hear you say that. Especially if it’s a high-and-mighty voice of someone your own age who is comfortable employed.

2.) ‘Its the recession. Once that’s over, things will look better”. To me it looks like a constant recession in Singapore as far as Indians are concerned. I havent been able to secure a job looooong before Mr.Recession struck.

Ah..finally I found one!!!Eureka!

3.) The third sort with their fake “Ooohh I envy you”  talk. “What I really wanna do is just sit at home and relax. My job is so stressful..blah..blah…blah”. These are the wonderfully ignorant or maybe scheming evil ones who try to divert every conversation to how they are racing up the corporate ladder.

4.) “You are going to be a mother pretty soon, sooo…”. Ah , this is one of my all time favorites. Generally coming from the older generations. Ok so just to update my beloved readers. I am almost 7 months pregnant. Loving every minute of the pregnancy, hating the fact that I wont be one of the lucky gals with a paid maternity leave. I don’t understand what me wanting to be employed has anything to with to do with the baby. So all of a sudden I should fill my head with thoughts of baby blankets and fluffy toys? Well yeah, news flash people. while it’s all very wonderful in theory I am not going to be enjoying my impending stay-at-home mommy status.

5.) You are at a party and everybody’s trying to mingle. And then the million-dollar question “So what do you do?” . Ummm…possible answers on my list:

– Email my CV to zillions of recruiters every single day.

– Keep and web pages open until my eyes are sore from looking through ‘prospective’ employers.

– Pick my nose sitting on the couch and wonder if I can make that bar of chocolate in the fridge last till tomorrow.

The pause before my reply is all they need. The ladies fix me with a sympathetic look which is a mixture of ‘poor thing, she obviously couldn’t find a job’ and ‘shudder, thank god I have a job!’.

So I have pretty much covered the ‘Most hated verses to the Unemployed’. I could start ranting about the lack a decent salary, no self-worth etc. But for now I think I will go and attack that chocolate bar in the fridge after all. What’s the medical term for that? ‘Emotional Eating’..yeah I’ll tell you about that one of these days.

Author’s Note : I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


14 thoughts on “The Eternal Job-Seeker

  1. just saw on facebook that u had a blog, and what a post lol

    Imagine us pilots, spent 30 lakhs to do a course then come back here and no jobs. Atleast 4 of my pilot friends are working in call centers!

    So I’m enjoying the unemployed time before I head off to study again.

  2. Hi Wannabauthor,
    why have you stopped writing. Guess you are busy with your new employment. Hope your maternity period is fine and you are in blooming health.

    “Who am I”. Well, I am a fan of your blogs that I stumbled few weeks ago. You have a wonderful gift of making moments look lively with your words.

    I keep myself updated with a few blogwriters’ blogs, you being one of them.

    Hope you find time to write more. Thanks.

    • hey hi theReader,

      Sry for the xtremely late reply..nice 2 know dat m being read n appreciated.Jus updating u dat i finally found an ok-ish sorta job here n have a wonderful 4 month old son now.wil try n write some more to entertain u.but kinda diff wid d new job n new baby .

  3. Love your blog. This is so true and I am one person who has been going through this phase from the day I landed here. Employers, read this and give us a chance!! Keep writing. You just made my day

    • hey hi bluegal,

      Sry for the xtremely late reply..nice 2 know m not only one in d situation.Jus updating u dat i finally found an ok-ish sorta here.Hope u found something too for urslef.wil try n write some more to entertain u.but kinda diff wid d new job n new baby n all

  4. Hey, thats a humorous post..I like the style of writing. Its not affected humor and at the same time does not get boring. Please continue writing.

  5. @couplin : thanks a ton…i wrote from my own frustrations dat time..d situation was both funny n interesting..LOL

  6. As a matter fact i also use these cliches(especially the first one) when i talk to my friends who are yet to secure a job….Thats all what i can do…Thats unavoidable becuase there is a chance for them to mistake me if i really wanna share what i thought…Nice way of recording the thoughts….

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