Horrible experience at Maternity Exchange…

First pregnancy, flutters of excitement over maternity clothes..the works..I think a lot of first time moms-to-be out there will agree with me on this. So i decide to rent myself a lovely maternity evening gown for a fun night out… And I scour the Internet for possible places.

Came across this place called Maternity Exchange at Marina Square. Seemed fine enough. Went there and rented myself a dress for 120 dollars!!! Yes, you read that amount right.. and hubby n me thought “Heck why not..its a one time thing”. But little did I know the 120 dollars was just the beginning. I wore the dress exactly once and handled it with ‘extra care’. But Maternity Exchange staff insisted I had caused the dress material to ruin at one side. They insisted it had been a brand-new dress worth 269 dollars and charged me penalty fees of an extra 59 dollars.

Now neither was it a brand-new dress nor had I ruined it. My experience was horrible. Maternity Exchange had seemed like a real nice place in the beginning but for those of you who want to rent pieces from there, please proceed with caution…


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