An Ode to caffeine


An Ode to Caffeine

Living here in what could only be termed as one of the most hellish climates (minus the devils and their burning skewers), one learns to truly appreciate a refreshing glass of iced café mocha.

There’s no better way to explain the satisfaction of sipping, gulping and slurping your way through an iced mocha than a simple ‘Aaaaahhh’. What starts off as a customary first sip, bearing in mind subtle social etiquette, usually turns into a few frantic gulps, a gentle tug-of-war with the straw which lasts till one-third of the drink is finished and you are left with an expression that says it all. When your throat is eternally parched from the sun or the drying effects of air-conditioning or in some cases too much of talking, a nice shot of caffeine, the sultry swirl of chocolate syrup and the crowning glory of whipped cream can do wonders.



5 thoughts on “An Ode to caffeine

  1. All that underlining of ‘descriptions of food’in Enid Blyton books has definitely paid off…you make me feel thirsty and wanting that cafe’ Mocha..

    • hahaha…glad u liked it. n m sure a beer article wil draw in more attention thn coffee anyday 😀

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