Five Reasons to be Happy…..

I am searching about a study topic on Google. Simple enough topic – ‘SQL Stored Procedures’. Zillions of programmers and DB specialists might have written about this. Google spews out over 35 pages worth of search results, 10 results per page.

There are 2 kinds of days in my life.

The days when I carefully and meticulously open each of the 10 search results in a new Internet Explorer page/tab and still dont get what I am looking for.


The days, when I just click on the first link and there you have it. Bingo!!!Exactly the info I need, in the exact format I like to read in.
Today , is one of those days…

4:53 am – I heave myself out of bed on my own without the elaborate alarm system (involving 2 mobiles).That’s progress and my Reason no.1

6:05 am – I am in the kitchen preparing lunch for my husband to take along to office.4 sausage rolls, just out of the pan and still sizzling .The rolls are arranged on double layers of tissue to soak up the oil. I wait for them to cool down, glancing out of the kitchen window. The city is awakening. The sun is almost risen. Orange and pink splashes on a canvas of grey…….my Reason no.2

7:15 am – I can hear my husband upstairs, the familiar sounds of cupboards being opened and closed. A daily charade as he searches for socks, a suitable tie for work.
I hear his foot falls on the staircase. He is wearing the half-sleeved white shirt he wore on Tuesday. Repeating it again in the same week. I suppress the urge to to point it out and smile fondly. The rolls are ready to be wrapped neatly. I know he only needs 3 rolls , but I have a thing for even numbers.
He grins as he sees the rolls, a dimple playing on his cheek. He likes them. I smile back. I just got my Reason no.3

7:35 am — My morning cup of tea waits for me patiently, with gentle wisps of steam escaping. Finally I am alone, sitting in front of the computer, sipping on my tea. Warm and bitter. I savour the taste as I imagine the caffeine shooting through my body awakening all my senses.Ah! my Reason no. 4

8:00 am – Sunlight streams into the living room lighting up each corner and playing designs on the furniture. I let myself imagine that these are millions of tiny light rays each racing out in the morning after a night of boredom… little children running out of their classrooms as the last bell rings heralding the end of a school day.
There are tiny patches of bright light on the living room floor. Would it be childish to reach out and watch my shadow in them? I stretch my legs forward and wiggle my toes in the patch. The floor is still cool from the previous night and the patch is warm and inviting. What could be a better Reason no.5 ?

Today looks like the kind of day which holds promises, or perhaps new possibilities at least.
Maybe a call from a dear old friend, a consolation prize at a local lottery, or maybe just stumbling upon a nice quote in a book, something you want to read over and over again so you don’t forget the essence of the words.

I have a pack of frozen fish sitting on the counter waiting to be marinated for lunch. I am slightly behind schedule on my studies timetable…But for now , I want to jot down these thoughts before they fade away along with the sunny patches on the living room floor.

Author’s Note : I have a Facebook fan page which is starting to show signs of dehydration in terms of fan count. So if any of my kind readers would do me the favour of going and liking my page, ‘ppreciate it a lot!


11 thoughts on “Five Reasons to be Happy…..

  1. Lovely writing… gotta say…u have an eye for detail…
    Although the account on the silent exchanges between u and ur hubby does remind one of the genre of books that u hog (:D :D), it has nevertheless been beautifully written… great work would be an understatement…i loved this post!!! 🙂

  2. My very first stumble into your world of writing and you my dear had me transfixed!!! I love love loved reading and im speeding off, on to the next piece…

    Ps. Your reason #3 had me all teary eyed!


  3. Hey mangosta,

    You even made getting up early to make breakfast and th continous thought of fish at the back of your mind seem beautiful.
    I think is an art to be able to portray something soo simple that most people take for granted into words.

    • Yo Lazy P, well said…I have never enjoyed reading. Have always had that thing, a phobia, for books, e-books, words, paragraphs, n all pictureless-wordy stuff. I would rather watch a Harry Porter than read it. (Comics are exceptions as you have pictures – m a serious addict ha ha)

      I am afraid I am gradually transforming into a reader – blame it on such simple stories.

      This one’s gonna be my-all-time favorite.


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